Ingredients: Babassu, which has antimicrobial properties, Sunflower which has antioxidants as well as acting as a natural moisturizer, as is Castor oil and Fractionated Coconut Oil. Liquid Sunflower Lecithin softens and soothes and Vitamin E functions as an antioxidant, Activated Charcoal and Matcha Green Tea, Essential Oils of Frankincense and Lavender.


What is it? A silky oil-based, Korean inspired facial cleanser in a super convenient stick form. This formula is a powerful yet extreamly gentle cleansing stick that dissolves makeup and leaves skin feeling incredibly soft, clean, and makeup-free.

This emulsifying, 3 in 1 formulation begins as a solid balm that glides like silk over your skin, immediately melting into a nourishing oil which then turns into a milky cream with the addition of a small amount of water. Non-irritating, nourishing ingredients leave your skin clean, refreshed, and without a

trace of makeup. It hydrates while never leaving behind a greasy residue. Perfect for all skin types 


To use: Stroke the cleansing stick over your dry face and neck in a circular motion. Deposit enough that your face is nice and slippery. Using your fingertips, massage your face thoroughly for a full minute. Work the cleansing oils very well into your makeup, including eye makeup. Avoid getting directly in eyes. Wet fingertips in warm water and massage into your skin until the cleanser becomes creamy and white. Repeat with more water to fully emulsify. Take a very warm, wet facecloth and place over your face. Hold and press for a few seconds before wiping your face gently but thoroughly. Rinse out the cloth and repeat. Finish up by rinsing your face and neck with handfuls of warm water.

Oil based Facial Cleanser w/ Activated Charcoal